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Company History
April, 1987: Cosmo Kaken Co., Ltd. established; operations started at Fukushima factory; manufacture of fine ceramics started.
January, 1988: entrusted grinding started; pneumatic pulverizer introduced.
September, 1992:   first warehouse at Fukushima factory completed.
November, 1992:   research center completed
December, 1992:   second Fukushima factory constructed.
April, 1994:   pneumatic pulverizers increased.
June, 1997:   Large decompression drier introduced.
August, 1999:   second warehouse at Fukushima factory completed (to satisfy material storage needs).
September, 1999:   product-specific robot palletizer introduced.
July, 2002:   laser diffraction / dispersion type particle diameter distribution measuring device introduced.
March, 2003:   wet nano grinding started
July, 2007:   Eco-related research started
March, 2008:   Enhancement of drying equipment
August, 2013:   Expansion of spray dryer
Cosmo Kaken Co., Ltd. Imaizumihamaeba 163, Funehiki Machi, Tamura Shi, Fukushima Ken 963-4311 Japan
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